Hello, we are CAMFRAE, a design team with a creative focus on animation and illustration.

About us

We’ve assembled a great designers team to create nice content. The head of our team is art-director Valerii Vishniakov.

We offer the most courageous, contemporary and unique ideas aimed at a wide commercial audience of media advertising, film and art.

We love unconventional solutions, stylish detailing and perfect colour combinations. It’s our job to convert any image and video into «aesthetic orgasm».

We are always ready for cooperation! It doesn’t matter if you’re a small or large business, organization, musician, brand, institution, individual… If you have a new, interesting and complex idea, we are ready to take it! We’re always up for collaborations and new challenging projects.


3D and 2D Motion design, CGI Animation, CGI Illustration, Vector Graphics, CGI production and Art-direction for video advertising, publishers, pos materials, branding, Social Media Content, video and film productio

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Rotary dial project on: DESIGNBOOM, Afisha Daily, Novabee, Tabi Labo, Bigu Migu

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